Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to create an account?
  • How to place an order?
  • How to place an order and pay via PayPal/credit card?
  • Do I need a credit card to purchase?
    • No, credit card is not a requirement to make a purchase. You can place your order online and select "BDO,BPI,PAYMONGO (GCASH),PAYMAYA and Cash on Delivery “ to checkout and you will receive an e-mail containing the details of your order as well as the payment options.
  • Is there a fee to send my payment?
    • BPI and BDO has a bank charge of Php 25.00.
    • Gcash and LBC charge a processing fee based on amount of the remittance (payment).
  • What is the payment cutoff time?
    • Payment cutoff is 4pm (Mondays to Fridays).
  • How will you know that I already paid my order?
    • Paypal/credit card settlement will automatically notify us of your payment.
    • If payment is made using other methods (BPI / BDO deposit or Paymongo (Gcash) and Paymaya please contact us and provide us the copy of the payment receipt so we can confirm posting and prepare the order for shipping.
    • Text/call/Viber us @ 09279801352 (Globe)
    • PM us on Facebook: Skin White Solutions
    • E-mail us via
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