Talented Toner


Benefits: Talented Toner is your much-needed skin prep that helps your skin absorb the following skincare, bringing out the best results of your routine. This excellent toner also hydrates, soothes, cleanses the skin, and helps prevent signs of aging for a much more radiant effect!

This product is Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and non-comedogenic.

How to Use:

1. Apply after cleansing with a cotton ball

2. Use 3-5 drops of the Talented Toner

3. Smooth the product over the face, avoiding the immediate eye area.

Recommended for what type of skin:

  • All Skin types
  • Aging skin with lines & wrinkles
  • Dry skin

Ingredient list:

Fermented Yeast Extract, Neem Leef Extract, Centella Asiatica

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